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The objective of the Pre-school Program is offering children a daily stimulation and rich environment at school and at home, to reach ideal development of all their qualities. The challenge teachers face, is offering children quality education to set the foundation for school success. This program gives children a complete development model that includes the intellectual, organic and social areas. Each student’s Personal Life Program begins here, where basic moral education and life of Christian values are acquired.

  • English: Our philosophy for young children is to ‘learn through interaction’ which involves planning our English learning goals through fun, stimulating activities with experienced teachers. This encourages all children to be curious, excited and motivated to learn and offers a vast range of language opportunities.
  • Phonics: It teaches the relationship between the written letters and individual sounds of spoken language. It is a systematic method for teaching children to read and write. Our phonics program incorporates good practice from the Letters and Sounds program to create a multi-sensory learning program.